Intervention In The City (Design 102) [Y1 S1]

Our second design project asked us to create an Inside/Outside room. We were given the choice of three sites in the Borough Market area, and then given a fair amount of free reign to design a building we felt would be suitable for the area, the task at hand and also to have a positive impact on the area.

For this project I made many rough models to see what sort of shape would compliment the surrounding areas.

As the design concept progressed, I started to make more accurate models for analysis. I spent time in the light analysis studio to try and find the best way of producing a design that would make the most of the natural light available. Computer models played an important part in the design process, and also helped me to learn the new software faster. The computer models combined with the card models helped my design improve with each step.

During the later stages of the project I started to involve photoshop more, to try and get a (slightly) more realistic view of what the site would actually look like with my proposed scheme. These photoshop images went a long way in getting across what I wanted to achieve with this project, and backed up my arguments for the design decisions I made along the way.

102 Street Scene 02

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