Heygate Estate Mini Project [Y2 S1]

Before the second year got started, we were told we were to produce a week long study of the Heygate Estate. The project involved students from each year group of the undergraduate course working together in groups of six.

We were taken into the site for a 30 minute visit to collect photographs, audio, drawings and anything else that we may have wanted to use in our project. We were only allowed in half of the site, and we couldn’t access any of the flats, walkways or other buildings. The photos I took can be found here.

My group decided to look into a range of topics such as open space, life experiences and the original design influences.

We presented four presentation boards, formed into cylindrical shapes, suspended from the ceiling. Audio recordings captured from locations within the site were played through noise cancellation headphones. The idea being that people could put on the headphones and stand inside the presentation boards, to create a sense of isolation, loneliness and helplessness, which we believe the remaining residents of the estate would feel.

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