Home is where the heart is…and House for an enthusiast (Design 103) [Y1 S2]

Design 103 asked us to look at (and study) our own homes, and to then apply the knowledge we learnt from our research to design a house for an enthusiast.

I decided to study my term-time address, and experimented with different ways of presenting plans, sections and elevations.

For the second part of the project, I decided to design a house for a street artist (which tied in with my 102 project). I started by defining my client, and looking at the movement of people around the site and surrounding areas. Having a clear definition of the clients needs and requirements made the design process a lot easier.

Client Description

I made a series of quick sketch models to work out which shapes and forms worked well within the site, and how the amount of sunlight could be best used. As the concept developed, I incorporated digital design and hand drawings to obtain an even mix in my presentations.

The light analysis lab at the university allowed me to capture an accurate representation of the amount of direct light the site receives throughout the year.Light Study

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