Cinema Of The Future (Design 203) [Y2 S2]

Our final design project of the year was to design a cinema of the (not so distant) future. We were asked to explore various ideas such as the activities that would occur, the experiences that you would have and so on. The site we had been allocated was in a dense residential area, above a London Underground tunnel with a ventilation stack in the middle of the site (which needed to be retained).

I begun by experimenting with various forms and shapes on the site, seeing if something seemed like a natural way to proceed. Whilst doing this, I also conducted site research and a thorough analysis of the area. I arrived at a general concept for the scheme quite early, which was to focus on the viewing experience of those visiting the cinema and to tailor the auditoriums to fit.


I plotted the location of as many independent cinemas in London as I could find. I then connected these locations with linework to see if any of the lines crossed the borders of the site. It was after doing this that the idea came to me of using numerous pods for the auditoriums, connected with walkways and paths. I wanted the cinema to be a free flowing environment, allowing people to come and go as they wish.

The design was constantly revised throughout the project. Starting as a collection of many pods and walkways, and eventually becoming a much more refined selection of auditoriums.

The largest pods went through many iterations from the initial egg-like form, slowly evolving in size and shape.Pod Development

I decided upon a timber frame structure, coated with EPDM at the exposed area at the top. The internal face is lined with acoustic stretch fabric, to accompany the acoustic panels hanging from the roof to aid the films audio. I explored various seating options for the large pod. I wanted something that had a temporary feel to it, preferably foldable, to allow multiple and unrestrictive uses for the space.

The pods are all timber frame, with a PTFE fabric roof draped over the top with a small portion of the largest pods protruding. The walkways are steel frame, hung off a thick concrete wall. The final Plans, Sections and Elevations are as follows:

To cover the technology side of this project, we were asked to produce an A3 book containing detailed sections, construction details and our approach to factors such as lighting and ventilation. Some of the details I included are as follows:

I tried to capture the atmosphere and appearance of the scheme through a selection of renders:


The final part of the project was to produce a movie-style poster of our project to be used in the school exhibition. I wanted to create a futuristic style poster, that could have been used for an 80s blockbuster type film. I based my poster on a night time render of the scheme, with a fade into one of my analysis diagrams at the top, and the final plans at the bottom. I included my tutors names in the credits, as well as my own, to make the poster more realistic.203 33 Poster

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