The AA Exhibition 2014

Today I went to see the 2014 Exhibition at The AA. I had visited the likes of The Bartlett and UoW earlier this month so The AA had a lot to live up to! The work on display was very good (it is the AA…), but I felt that it was all trying to be the same after 1st year. Not necessarily a bad thing but variety is nice!

Some of the models were so complex I couldn’t figure out how they had actually been put together… I also felt that some of the work was just too abstract, and felt like it had been done just for the sake of it. My highlight out of all the oddness was the images of 9/11 photoshopped into London (with an accompanying model of the two destroyed towers)…bizarre. Nevertheless, a great exhibition with many talented students hard work clearly shining through.

On a side note, the building was incredibly hot & stuffy and so I tried not to stay longer than was necessary through fear of melting.

Have any of you visited The AA Exhibition yet? Leave me a comment below.

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