10 great gyms from around the world

The range of fitness centres, gyms and other places to work out is incredibly vast. There are many people who cannot afford expensive equipment and gym memberships, who make do with what they can find around them. There are also people who will pay anything to receive the best equipment, service and surroundings. Below is a selection of rather unique places to do some exercise:

10. Muscle Beach, Venice, Ca.

Muscle Beach, Venice, Ca.

Known world wide, Muscle Beach is located on the beach in Santa Monica, and is partly responsible for the boom in physical fitness.


09. Hydropark Outdoor Gym, Kiev, Ukraine

Hydropark Outdoor Gym, Kiev, Ukraine

Another outdoor gym, although rather different to Venice Beach. The equipment in Hydropark Outdoor Gym looks like it has seen better days, most of it is from the Soviet era, but it still receives many visitors.


08. Beach Side Hut Gym, Dumaguete, Phillippines

Beach Side Hut Gym, Dumaguete, Phillippines

A simple space to work out, but offering a fantastic view.


07. EXOS (formerly Athletes Performance), Phoenix, AZ

EXOS, Phoenix, AZ

A vast centre frequented by professional athletes. The facilities are divided between training and recovery.


06. Peak Performance, NY, NY

Peak Performance, NY, NY

A huge gym in Manhattan, considered to be one of the top ten gyms in America.


05. Temple Gym, Birmingham, UK

Temple Gym, Birmingham, UK

It may not look like much, but this gym was founded by the legendary Dorian Yates.


04. Hotel ICON, Hong Kong

Hotel ICON, Hong Kong

A simple workout space, but a phenomenal view of the Hong Kong skyline.


03. London 2012 Olympic Athlete Training Centre

London 2012 Olympic Athlete Training Centre

The olympic athletes staying in London for the 2012 games needed the best facilities. Besides the free weights rooms pictured above, there was also a huge cardio centre and many social, games and relaxation rooms.


02. The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, NY, NY

The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, NY, NY

Another huge Manhattan gym. The facilities on offer here are some of the best available.


01. Gold’s Gym, Venice, Ca.

Gold's Gym, Venice, Ca.

The absolute Mecca of bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym!

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