10 of the most expensive properties for sale

Property prices are constantly climbing upwards, and these ten properties are some of the most expensive on the market today! Number 4 is my personal favourite.

10. Mayfair, London – £27m

10 Mayfair, London


09. Knightsbridge, London – £32.5m

09 Knightsbridge, London


08. Oxfordshire – £35m

08 Oxfordshire


07. St. John’s Wood, London – £37.5m

07 St. John's Wood, London


06. Mallorca – £41m

06 Mallorca


05. Marrakech – £45.9m

05 Marrakech


04. Park Avenue, NYC – £57m

04 Park Avenue, NYC


03. Switzerland – £58m

03 Switzerland


02. Kensington, London – £68m

02 Kensington, London


01. Beverly Hills, California – £68m

01 Beverly Hills, California


Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. If none of these take your fancy, perhaps you would rather a private tower block?


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