09 Hadi Teherani

Architect Designed Furniture

Architects do more than just design great buildings and spaces. Many have designed all sorts of other things too, with chairs being the most popular. Here is a selection of 15 interesting pieces, designed by some famous names.


15. Rem Koolhaas

15 Rem Koolhaas


14. Norman Foster

14 Norman Foster


13. Mies van Der Rohe

13 Mies van Der Rohe


12. Kruger Schuberth Vandreike

12 Kruger Schuberth Vandreike


11. Daniel Libeskind

11 Daniel Libeskind


10. Shigeru Ban

10 Shigeru Ban


09. Hadi Teherani

09 Hadi Teherani


08. Gae Aulenti

08 Gae Aulenti


07. Arne Jacobsen

07 Arne Jacobsen


06. Alvar Aalto

06 Alvar Aalto


05. Gerrit Rietveld

05 Gerrit Rietveld


04. Walter Gropius

04 Walter Gropius


03. Frank Lloyd Wright

03 Frank Lloyd Wright


02. Otto Wagner

02 Otto Wagner


01. Marc Held

01 Marc Held


Which is your favourite? Leave a comment below!


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04 Park Avenue, NYC

10 of the most expensive properties for sale

Property prices are constantly climbing upwards, and these ten properties are some of the most expensive on the market today! Number 4 is my personal favourite.

10. Mayfair, London – £27m

10 Mayfair, London


09. Knightsbridge, London – £32.5m

09 Knightsbridge, London


08. Oxfordshire – £35m

08 Oxfordshire


07. St. John’s Wood, London – £37.5m

07 St. John's Wood, London


06. Mallorca – £41m

06 Mallorca


05. Marrakech – £45.9m

05 Marrakech


04. Park Avenue, NYC – £57m

04 Park Avenue, NYC


03. Switzerland – £58m

03 Switzerland


02. Kensington, London – £68m

02 Kensington, London


01. Beverly Hills, California – £68m

01 Beverly Hills, California


Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. If none of these take your fancy, perhaps you would rather a private tower block?


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Free Software for Students

Some of you may not be aware, that students in full (or part time) education can receive free FULL downloads of many Autodesk products including:

The licenses cover your full period of study. Simply head to the education section of the Autodesk website, and sign up using your academic email address.

Graphisoft also offer free software for students available from MyArchiCad.com, including:

For Mac users Rhino OS X is available for free however, the program is still very much WORK IN PROGRESS. So there are a few major features missing, bugs and fortnightly updates. Save and back up regularly!

This is a great opportunity to gain some experience using these programs, taking advantage of the many tutorials available online, and adding some extra skills to your CV.

Tower Strength/Ratio Test (Technology) [Y1 S1]

During our engineering and technology studies we were given the task to construct a bridge or a tower that would demonstrate our understanding of load distributions and strength to weight ratios. I opted to go for a tower based on the designs of the John Hancock Centre and the Willis Tower. I wanted to use the cross bracing on the outer walls of the structure for effective load distribution, with the stepped roof climbing up to the centre of the tower. These two elements combined created an elegant and structurally sound tower. I used lightweight balsa wood, laser cut to ensure consistency, and ultra strong balsa cement for bonding. The towers were tested until destruction to calculate the strength to weight ratio.