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LSBU & Shell Hoarding Competition Entry 2015

The competition was to come up with a proposal for a section of temporary site hoarding. I decided to draw an abstract timeline highlighting events, people and buildings of the South Bank. I didn’t spend as much time on my entry as I should have, and not surprisingly I didn’t win..


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Amsterdam by Frank Dresme

Psychogeographic Mapping

Psychogeographic mapping techniques and styles can produce dramatic visuals which give an understanding of an area, and can be great as part of site research. The work below of Frank Dresme and Guy Debord is very powerful, and of course very eye catching. This approach to mapping can be very playful, and can show just about any possible distraction that may take a pedestrian off a path. Pschogeographic Mapping has links to the Situationist International (SI) movement.

Paris by Guy Debord

Amsterdam by Frank Dresme

Amsterdam by Frank Dresme

Amsterdam by Frank Dresme

Amsterdam by Frank Dresme

Waterloo by Jamie Strong
Waterloo by Jamie Strong


Working with scales

Scale Factor Chart

Changing the scale of drawing can often be problematic, but using a simple chart like the one above, it is quite simple. If you are using software that scales using a factor of 1.0 as 100%, then simply adjust the figures above accordingly so for example, 10% is 0.1 and 200% is 2.0. Getting to grips with scales and moving between them takes a bit of practice, and I’ve found that when getting confused about the adjustment needed, writing down some basic calculations and figures often helps a great deal.

How do I insert an Excel spreadsheet into AutoCad?

Sometimes it can be very useful to have some additional data inside an AutoCAD drawing, so how do I insert an Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD? It is pretty straightforward to set up and if done correctly, data that is inserted will automatically update when the original spreadsheet is updated within Excel.


Firstly, open the desired spreadsheet then select the data you want and copy it to clipboard.

In AutoCAD go to Edit > Paste Special

Inserting an excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD

In the dialog box, select Paste Link, then as Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet. If the radio bottom is grayed out and un-selectable, as below, then the data currently on the clipboard is unsuitable.

Inserting an excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD

Then click OK. The formatting of the original data should remain, and the data inserted will update inline with any updates made to the external Excel spreadsheet. This means that you won’t need to worry about updating two sets of documents if changes need to be made.


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09 Hadi Teherani

Architect Designed Furniture

Architects do more than just design great buildings and spaces. Many have designed all sorts of other things too, with chairs being the most popular. Here is a selection of 15 interesting pieces, designed by some famous names.


15. Rem Koolhaas

15 Rem Koolhaas


14. Norman Foster

14 Norman Foster


13. Mies van Der Rohe

13 Mies van Der Rohe


12. Kruger Schuberth Vandreike

12 Kruger Schuberth Vandreike


11. Daniel Libeskind

11 Daniel Libeskind


10. Shigeru Ban

10 Shigeru Ban


09. Hadi Teherani

09 Hadi Teherani


08. Gae Aulenti

08 Gae Aulenti


07. Arne Jacobsen

07 Arne Jacobsen


06. Alvar Aalto

06 Alvar Aalto


05. Gerrit Rietveld

05 Gerrit Rietveld


04. Walter Gropius

04 Walter Gropius


03. Frank Lloyd Wright

03 Frank Lloyd Wright


02. Otto Wagner

02 Otto Wagner


01. Marc Held

01 Marc Held


Which is your favourite? Leave a comment below!


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