Submission Board 03

LSBU & Shell Hoarding Competition Entry 2015

The competition was to come up with a proposal for a section of temporary site hoarding. I decided to draw an abstract timeline highlighting events, people and buildings of the South Bank. I didn’t spend as much time on my entry as I should have, and not surprisingly I didn’t win..


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CASS 2015

The CASS Exhibition 2015


I took a quick look around the CASS yesterday afternoon. The work on show was substantial and of a very high quality. The amount of hours of work that had been put into the year by the students was obvious. It was actually the first time that I had visited their end of year show, but after seeing the amazing work on display I will be sure to return.

Did you visit the show? If so, what did you think? Leave a comment below.

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LSBU Exhibition 2015

The LSBU Architecture Exhibition 2015

Earlier this week was the opening night of our Architecture Exhibition. Our studio decided to go all out and construct a Market House to stand above our work, with a strong market theme running throughout. After a few hard days working in the workshop we managed to complete the structure, and spent a good few hours laying out all the work and making the final adjustments.

It was a great way to end my time at LSBU, and the work on show was outstanding. I have a small selection of images below from opening night.

Did you visit our show? If so, what did you think? Leave a comment below.

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Design 302

Interruption and Intervention (Design 302) [Y3 S1]

Our 302 project built upon the work we completed for Design 301. We were tasked with designing a building which both a public and private function. An additional requirement was that the private function should be connected someway to our findings in 301. During my 301 project I developed work based upon violence and unrest on the road, which led me to design a self defence institute, with private accommodation for victims of domestic violence.

The project started with a brief page, some history, and an “interruption”. The interruption was a small change that we would make to the area in response to some of the issues raised.
The scheme includes a large slow staircase/path, connecting Lower Marsh with the higher up Station Approach road. I tried to play with levels and height as much as possible, leading me to split activities and private/public areas across the site.
Quick model making was very helpful in the development of this project, and the design changed many times with rough sketches on detail paper.
As the project was only 7 weeks long, there was not much time available for rendered images. This led me to produce quick collage like images to illustrate the impact on the road, materiality and usage.

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